Updated Pricing Plans for UCSB Bike Share

HOPR UCSB Bike Share Pricing Plan Update

On January 23, 2019, HOPR’s pricing plans are changing. We are adjusting our plans to reflect the program’s increased service and technology upgrades. The changes also reflect our commitment to creating a dockless bike share program that works for everyone. As part of this revision, we’re retiring our old plan models and rolling out plans with a new structure in their place so that we can offer choices that better align with the advantages of dockless bike share.

HOPR is still the most fun, affordable, and convenient option to get around campus. Check out the updated pricing plans below.

Pay Per Ride:
Free to unlock + 15¢ per minute

$10 Per Month
Free to unlock + 10¢ per minute

$75 Per Year
Free to unlock + 60 min free ride time per day
10¢ per minute thereafter

What’s included in the new plans?

Our aim was to simplify the choice of plan for all types of users, offer you more flexibility and help you save more on shorter trips! The descriptions below will help you decide which plan is best for you.

Pay Per Ride users now only pay for the time they ride instead of 30 minute increments. If they take a short 6 min ride across campus with HOPR they’ll pay just 90¢ (6 min x 15¢).

The $10 Monthly Pass is great for users who plan to ride with HOPR 15-20 times per month. Users receive unlimited free unlocks and pay a reduced per minute rate. Taking a 6 min ride will cost them just 60¢ (6 min x 10¢).

The $75 Annual Pass is our best value option by far! This pass includes unlimited free unlocks and 60 min of free ride time per day. If you go over the 60 min daily limit you’ll be charged 10¢ per minute thereafter. This option is great for users who plan to use HOPR Bike Share for five months or more out of the year.

Existing Pass Holder?

Monthly and Annual Pass holders will not be affected by the price change until their next billing cycle. If you have any concerns or questions, please get in touch with our support team by contacting us at 833.838.8300.