Sign Up / Passes

How do I sign up?
To sign up for VeloGO, you must first download the free HOPR Transit App available on iPhone (Android coming soon).Once you have downloaded the HOPR app, either select HOPR Pass or Wallet in the menu of the app to choose your desired pass or plan. Once you have an active plan use the map screen to find a bike available near you.
Can I sign up without a mobile device?
No, you must have a Apple smart phone in order to sign up and access bikes.
Do I need the HOPR Transit App to use the bikes?
Yes, you need to have the HOPR Transit App to use the VeloGO bikes. The HOPR app is where you will add your payment information and select your pass. You will also need the app to scan the QR code to unlock the bike.
Do I automatically have a VeloGO membership when I sign up for the HOPR Transit App?
No, you will not automatically have a VeloGO pass when you sign up for the HOPR Tansit App. Once you have downloaded the free HOPR Transit App, you can sign up for VeloGO membership in the menu option under HOPR Pass. – Download, sign up, choose your pass or pay per trip.
I signed up for HOPR, but I don’t see VeloGO under the bike option. What’s happening?
If you don’t see VeloGO in the HOPR app, this may be because you have not set your location to Ottawa. To set your location, navigate to the left-hand menu and select “Settings”. You will see a drop-down menu of locations. Select “Ottawa” from the drop-down menu and return to the map screen.
Which devices and device models are compatible with the HOPR app?
The HOPR app is compatible with iPhone 5 and up with plans for greater compatiblity coming soon.
How do I enter a promo code when I sign up?
When you are on the checkout screen there is a button that says “apply promo” at the bottom.