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Every city needs a
mobility solution.

The future of urban mobility is two-wheeled. Our technology is designed to get your city moving, on your terms.

HOPR can easily adapt to the needs of any city, no matter the size. Our lightweight dockless mobility system is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing transportation network.

We collaborate with cities & towns.

We operate responsibly and prioritize safety above all. Meeting industry MDS standards and providing equitable access to our service means the whole city benefits.

We manage fleets and operations.

We pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer service and operations management. We focus on ensuring that the bikes and scooters are safe to ride and distributed at the right locations.

Cities make more sense with bike share and scooter share. HOPR lets you choose how you want to build your fleet so you can optimize your mobility system and provide the ultimate rider experience.
Monitor your inventory and keep track of rides to optimize your hospitality experience. HOPR OS simplifies fleet management so you can make happy customers and focus on the big picture.

Access real-time data and analytics.

We provide cities with access to critical data on vehicles, trips, demand, and ridership, allowing you to better understand trip patterns and plan infrastructure accordingly.

Bring HOPR to your city or town.