We connect people,
and destinations.

We began our journey on a bike.

It all started when our founder, Josh Squire, gave Chicago residents and visitors a simple way to enjoy the city with shared bikes. His vision resulted in the first U.S. patent for the “Automated Bicycle Rental Station” in 1997.

Mobi by Shaw Go bike share fleet in Vancouver BC.
HOPR Bike Share dockless e-bike.

In 2011, CycleHop was born.

Inspired by the success of shared bicycles in Chicago, we launched CycleHop. In a short period of time, CycleHop has deployed smart bikes in over 15 locations throughout the United States and Canada.

In 2018, we introduced HOPR.

HOPR is a complete micro-mobility solution, providing easy and quick access to shared-use vehicles. We are successfully deploying HOPR mobility solutions, in partnership with cities, campuses, hotels, and independent operators, from coast to coast.

HOPR Transit App