How do I end a trip?
To end a trip, lock the wheel lock. If you do not lock the bike at the end of your trip, you will continue to be charged.
Do I need to bring my own lock?
No, your HOPR bike comes with a built in wheel lock. You do not need to bring your own lock.

If making a stop during your trip, simply place the ride on “pause” in the HOPR App, enabling you to lock the bike. Keep in mind, the timer on your ride keeps running for as long as your bike is paused.

Where can I park a bike?
Parking regulations may vary in each local system area. Please refer to your local system for details. You can park your bike at the designated HOPR Ponds (these are indicated by a “P” on the map within the HOPR Transit App) or at one of the approved public parking spots. Approved public parking spots include bike racks, on the curb away from buildings, and beside bus stops. You cannot park in front of bus stops, on roads, sidewalks, on private property, or in a locked area that is not accessible to other users.
What happens if I park a bike in an improper location?
The HOPR Transit App will notify you when you try to park in a restricted area. Violators will incur a fee of $20.
What happens if someone else moves my bike to another location after I’ve locked it?
If you end your trip, you won’t be penalized as we will know your trip has ended.