HOPR is bringing Bike Share back to Ottawa

Use the HOPR Transit App to access VeloGO bike share in Ottawa.

We are pleased to announce VeloGO will be the first official bike share powered by HOPR!

Launching summer 2018, VeloGO, the bike share program in Ottawa-Gatineau, will be powered by HOPR. This means that VeloGO will be using both the HOPR Transit App, as well as HOPR Bike Share.

What This Means For VeloGO Riders

New Bikes

They’re dockless. You no longer need to waste valuable time looking for a docking station. Leave the bike where it’s convenient for you.

Learn about the bikes.

Bigger System Area

With a larger service area, VeloGO can get you where you want to go!

Check out the expanded system map.

Flexible Parking Options

Park a bike anywhere within the new service area, just make sure it’s not impeding any walkways. Learn about proper parking etiquette.

New App

To locate and unlock VeloGO bikes you’ll need to download and sign-up with the HOPR Transit App on your iPhone (Android coming soon). The old app no longer works.

Get the App for FREE in the App Store.

How to Get Started with VeloGO Bike Share:

  1. Download the HOPR Transit App and create an account.
  2. Select the plan that works best for you and enter you credit card details.
  3. Locate any available bike using the HOPR Transit App.
  4. App and scan the QR code.
  5. Ride away!     

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