HOPR Parking Etiquette in Ottawa

HOPR transit app in use

HOPR uses dockless bike share technology which means that you have more flexibility when parking the bikes because you are not restricted to docking stations. However, the line can seem blurry when it comes to where you’re allowed and not allowed to park.

Don’t worry, we are here to help clarify the parking rules for the HOPR bikes.

Where to Park

You can park your bike in HOPR Ponds (designated parking zones) located within the system area. HOPR Ponds can be located using the HOPR Transit App. For now, you can also park your HOPR bike anywhere within the system area at no additional cost. Just ensure that you are complying with local laws and your bicycle doesn’t block the pedestrian right of way or obstruct traffic. Please consider the width of wheelchairs and strollers.

Always park HOPR bicycles in a manner that keeps pedestrian pathways safe and clear for all users.

How to Park

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, parked appropriately and ready to end your trip, lock the bike by using the frame lock on the rear wheel. Use the kickstand to keep your bike upright. Your trip is now over and the bicycle is once again available through the app for use by all registered HOPR users.

HOPR Parking Fees

Out-of-HOPR Pond Fee: *Temporarily Free

*For now you can park anywhere within the system area without paying any additional fees. As HOPR Ponds are installed throughout the Ottawa-Gatineau area we will make an announcement letting you know that out of HOPR Pond fees are now active.

Out-of-System Area Fee: $20
Restricted Zone Fee: $20

Restricted zones include private/gated communities, inside a residence, or in private bicycle parks. If you try to park in a restricted zone or outside of the system area, you will receive a notification from the HOPR Transit App. The restricted zones are indicated on the system map within the HOPR Transit App.

Parking Dos and Don’ts


park in a HOPR Pond (designated parking zone).




park by the sidewalk or pavement or near a bike rack.




Do not
park within bus stop shelters or on street corners.




Do not
block pedestrian or wheelchair pathways, access points, driveways, crosswalks, and loading zones.




Do not
lay the bike on the ground. Use the kickstand.




Do not
park in private/gated communities, inside a residence, or in private bicycle parks.

  • I was SO excited to see that Velo-Go bikes were back in Ottawa. But I don’t have an iphone! This is maddening. I set up an account with Velo-Go last year and I still have credit. When will the app be ready for Google! It’s not fair to previous customers!

  • Sorry for the inconvenience, Sherry. Our team is working hard to make VeloGO available for other devices. Stay tuned for email updates!

  • Will it be available by fall. We are coming on vacation in sept/Oct and would like to see if this will be an option for us to get around but I don’t have an iPhone.

    • Hi Melissa, thank you for getting in touch with us!

      The Android app will indeed be available by Fall this year. Subscribe to our newsletter below or follow us on social media to get the latest updates.

  • Interested in possibly using this service, but I don’t understand the blue dots vs the red dots on the map of stations. Why are there two different colors? I also can’t find any way to ask this question other than leaving a reply on an article, is there a ‘contact us’ link anywhere on the site?

    • Hi Ben,

      If you sign up for the newsletter below, you will be notified when the Android app is released.

      Thank you!

  • Curious why Ottawa HOPR bikes lack a bell? Took one out yesterday and was shocked. Felt way less safe, given I had to yell instead of ringing a bell. For individuals, a bell is required by law.

    • Hi Lily,

      The HOPR bikes do have a bell located on the left handlebar grip. Just spin to ring. We have french and english stickers on the bikes to help highlight the bell but these stickers have gone missing on some bikes. Hope that helps!

      Thank you!

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