HOPR Rolls Onto the Streets of Fremont

Replacing a short car trip just got a whole lot easier. HOPR is rolling out 200 bicycles in Fremont to provide a pedestrian-friendly and sustainable mobility option. As part of the Shared Active Transportation Pilot Permit commissioned by the City of Fremont, you’ll be able to find and unlock bikes from Lake Elizabeth to Warm Springs and beyond. 


We are excited to help increase urban connectivity within Fremont by making bicycles readily available for trips that are too long for walking and too short for driving – or to just speed up getting to and from bus and rail stops.


“Micro-mobility has come a long way since we launched our first bike share program in California in 2015. Today we are excited to expand our services with the launch of HOPR in Fremont.” says Josh Squire, CEO of HOPR. 


The GPS-enabled bikes are available 24/7 and easy to find and rent, users simply download the HOPR Transit app to sign-up and scan to unlock. The app is available on iOS and Android. All new users receive their first ride free up to 30 minutes. 


When riding in Fremont you have the flexibility to end your ride anywhere, but are encouraged to return the bikes to HOPR Parking Ponds. HOPR Ponds can be located using the HOPR Transit App map, just look for the shaded green areas and the “P” symbol. Areas shaded in red are “No-Go” zones and should not be ridden in or parked in. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, parked appropriately and are ready to end your trip, lock the bike by pushing down on the lock’s lever located near the rear wheel. 


HOPR smart-bikes are one of the most affordable shared mobility systems in the area. Pay Per Ride trips cost $1 to start and only 15¢/min. For more frequent riders, a 30 Day Pass is $20 per month and provides unlimited free unlocks and a reduced per minute rate of 10¢/min; and a 365 Day Pass is only $60 per year providing 30 minutes of riding time a day, unlimited free unlocks and the reduced per minute rate of 10¢/min.


HOPR is excited to bring a sustainable, healthy and economical community-based transportation option to Fremont.