How to Know Where You Can Park in Isla Vista

Dockless bike share parking for HOPR Transit App in UCSB

While some HOPR Ponds (designated parking areas) are marked by signage and painted white lines with the text ‘HOPR Parking’, not all Ponds are as obvious. In some cases, you may simply see a bike rack with no signage, as is the case with some UCSB bike lots and local parks with bike racks.

If you are unsure about whether or not you can end your ride at a certain location the HOPR app is your best point of reference. HOPR Ponds are indicated with a ‘P’ and the available area is shaded in green on the system map. Parking in these areas will ensure you are not subject to a $2 Out-of-Pond fee.

HOPR Ponds UCSB Parking

There are now more places to park your HOPR bike than ever. We’ve added new HOPR Ponds and have more in the works throughout Isla Vista to make the system even more convenient and accessible. The below locations are now visible on the system map within the HOPR app.

Tropicana Gardens Hub

  • Located on El Colegio Rd near Camino Pescadero intersection this HOPR Pond encompasses all bike racks located within Tropicana Gardens.

Tropicana Del Norte Hub

  • Located just off Cervantes Rd this HOPR Pond is located within the Tropicana Del Norte parking lot.

Beach Access Del Playa Dr

  • Located at the intersection of Camino Majorca and Del Playa Dr this HOPR Pond is located near the West Campus beach access.

Tierra De Fortuna Park Hub

  • Located on Fortuna Road this HOPR Pond allows you to park your bike at Tierra De Fortuna Park.

Trigo/Pasado Park Hub

  • Located on Pasado Road in Isla Vista this HOPR Pond is at the entrance to Trigo-Pasado Park.

Camino Pescadero/DP Hub 1 & 2 (Pelican Park 1 & 2)

  • You’ll find two HOPR Ponds Located on Del Playa Dr at the entrance to Camino Pescadero Park.